Key People

Filip "fil" Miletic!

CEO,Creative Lead

Favorite Games:

- Super Mario RPG

- Mega Man X

nikola "nick" Bulog

Programming Lead

Favorite Games:

- Hill Climb Racing

- Cities: Skylines



audacious machine, CORP.

Based in Boston, Masschusetts USA


filip miletic, nikola bulog

release date

march, 2020










Audacious Machine is a US-based game studio founded in early 2016 by Filip Miletic. The studio's first game, Randy the Flappy Fish (RtFF) was released in March 2016. Two months later, RtFF was followed with the studio's second release, Monkey Chute. They were popular among friends and family and are expected to receive graphical and performance updates in the near future.

In the early Autumn of 2016, Audacious Machine was incorporated and the developers began their third project, Vape Invaders (VI). After a grueling six months of development, VI was submitted to the App Store for review. Unable to get the green light from Apple because of controversial content, Fil and Nick re-designed VI several times but to no avail. As a result, VI was changed to Hipsters vs. Aliens (HvsA) and is currently an unpublished title. Fil and Nick plan to release HvsA in the near future.

Early concepts and app builds for KreKeTan were made by Fil & Nick in the Summer of 2017. Fil continued on building concepts, storyboards, and assets throughout 2018 until he and Nick finally joined forced in the Summer of 2019 and commenced full time commitment to developing KreKeTan.

KreKeTan 1.0 was released on Android & iOS in March 2020 and has generated positive responses from users worldwide. KreKeTan 1.0 is just the beginning of many enhancements and features that are yet to come!

Development progress of KreKeTan and other future titles at Audacious Machine can be followed on social media.

Concept designs for Jetpack Walrus are scheduled to be shown the world in the near future...


Please use the e-mail addresses below to contact us for support or business inquiries. We will do our absolute best to respond as soon as possible. In the future we will build a FAQ page where most issues can be resolved even quicker. Keep calm and continue breaking bricks!

Support Inquiries

audacious machine, 2020

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