It's dangerous times in the neighbor- hoods of our devoted hipsters. An alien invasion has been launched and the hipsters' birds are in danger!

Help our hipsters save their birds from the violent onslought of the evil aliens. Upgrade your weapons arsenal and equipment by defeating countless waves of aliens and take our hipster heroes to victory by protecting their loyal avian friends!

To Hipster Victory!!


Ickus the monkey is a noble yet foolish being. His care-free days are spent climbing trees and hoarding bananas. One day his bananas fell out of his house during a dispute between him and his neighbor, Schmuel.

Help Ickus navigate his way down the perilous path of tree branches and help him reach his beloved banana stash..endlessly!


Swim, Fart, Dodge, Repeat: Randy, our hero, is on an endless mission at the depths of the mysterious and dangerous Wellspring Ocean. Here, he must prove once and for all that swimming and farting around endlessly is a natural born right.

Swim and fart as Randy through an endless ocean of of obstacles and angry sharks. Pass as many as possible to achieve your personal best score.

And Remember: Support Farting!


Please use the e-mail addresses below to contact us for support or business inquiries. We will do our absolute best to respond as soon as possible. In the future we will build a FAQ page where most issues can be resolved even quicker. Keep calm and continue breaking bricks!

Support Inquiries

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